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The fact that Pandaw refers to its itineraries as river expeditions, and not simply ‘cruises’, tells you a little bit about what you can expect from your time with them. The operator specialises in trips within Asia, focussing on taking guests to countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), China and India. As a new product for 2017, Pandaw have also started offering river cruises through Borneo.

Life on board is a thoroughly relaxed affair with no need for conventions such as dressing up or dining at the captain’s table. This helps to create a friendly atmosphere and an environment in which the crew offer some of the best service on the world’s rivers. In fact, the excellent ratio of one crew member to every two guests is something that brings people back time and time again.

The vast majority of itineraries are all-inclusive. There will be no need to find extra money for shore excursions, meals and standard drinks; even your gratuities to the dedicated crew members are covered by the price you pay before you sail. You are also free to do as you wish during your time with Pandaw, joining in with the shore excursions if you like, or choosing to stay on board and relax with a cocktail if you prefer.

The fleet of beautifully handcrafted vessels have the shallowest drafts of any ships operating in this part of the world, so you won’t be restricted by water levels at any time of year. And with profits being passed onto local community projects, you can rest assured you are travelling with an operator that cares about the destinations they visit as well as their paying guests.

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About Pandaw

Pandaw started life as the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company, in 1865. It operated along Burma’s most famous river and, by 1920, had a fleet of 650 ships; some of which were licenced to carry up to 4,000 passengers. After the Japanese invasion brought the operation to a standstill in 1942, it wasn’t until 1995 that things started up again. Paul and Roser Strachan began to charter local boats until Pandaw, as it exists today, was created three years later.

The company is named after a ship that Paul Strachan discovered in 1998. He arranged for it to be restored and this was the beginning of great things. Since then, Pandaw have expanded to many other countries within Asia, whilst also sailing the first vessels across Cambodia’s inland sea – the Tonle Sap. As of 2015, they have 12 uniquely crafted ships that are made from teak and finished with shining brass detail.


All of the staterooms across all of the Pandaw ships are the same, helping to create a universal feeling that you intrinsically associate with the operator every time you step on board. Your cabin will be an escape from 21st century life, and so they are no TVs, phones, internet connections, or even minibars. This also stops the ship feeling like a floating business hotel and creates more of authentic environment.

The exposed teak of your stateroom offers a warm and welcoming space and one in which you can truly unwind. Fresh flowers on your arrival, free mineral water, and complimentary kimonos and slippers also add to the tranquil holiday experience.


Instead of a stuffy and formal dining room, your meals will be eaten in a bright and airy restaurant. This is because each space is designed so that the sides can be opened-up to let the fresh air in from outside. In the evenings, these are closed and air conditioning is used instead. Pandaw’s newest ship, Katha Pandaw, has even done away with the idea of a restaurant altogether, and instead you will be able to dine on an open-air deck.

The food will have an exotic feel, with the opportunity to try a wide range of local dishes. However, if you would prefer European cuisine, there will be alternatives available. Breakfast takes the form of a buffet, whilst lunch has buffet options for dessert and salads but the main course is served at your table. The evening meal will be entirely served at your table and there will be at least two themed dinners on every itinerary.


As well as your personal cabin space and the dining area, each ship has a library in which you can take advantage of the modern and classical literature or simply relax. In most cases, there is also a fair-trade shop. All ‘P Class’ vessels have a sun deck, which includes a bar, from which you can admire the breathtaking scenery as it floats by.

As well as the shore excursions, there are also a number of onboard activities that you can choose to take part in if you wish. These include things like fruit carving, napkin arranging and even cooking lessons. As well as these, you will be treated to onboard performances that aim to immerse you in the local culture. For example, in Burma you could find yourself watching a production by the famous Marionette Theatre.


During your shore excursions with Pandaw, you won’t be ushered straight off the ship and onto a hot coach, as the operator tries not to use cars or buses to transport its guests. Instead, you may find yourself travelling by speedboat, as you go deeper into the jungle, cyclo (a traditional form of transport in Burma which looks like a bike with a pram that you can sit in attached to the front), and your own two feet.

Specific excursions will vary depending on which itinerary you choose, but all are included in the price. Expert guides will take you on village tours, around local markets and to the major tourist attractions. However, there is always the option to explore on your own if you would prefer.


Portuguese for beautiful island, Ilhabela carries its name well. Considered a natural paradise by bo

RV Angkor Pandaw

Sister to the Katha and from the same yard delivered in 2013, the only difference with the Katha is an enclosed air conditioned dining room insisted on by an American charterer.

RV Champa Pandaw

The Champa Pandaw, sister ship of the Laos Pandaw, began cruises on the Upper Mekong from September 2016. The ship has quality mountain bikes for your independent exploration.

RV Indochina Pandaw

Sister to the Orient and Bassac, the IP was built in Vietnam in 2009 and transferred over to Burma in 2011.

RV Kalaw Pandaw

Sister to the Kindat and identical in design the Kalaw was launched with her in 2014 Kalaw is named after the PS Kalaw launched in 1917 and sunk in 1942 in the War. Paul Strachan witnessed the salvaging of the Kalaw in 1998 and managed to acquire her name plate and bell, the former of which has been reused on her namesake.

RV Kalay Pandaw

The Kalay Pandaw was built in Mandalay in 2013 by our own team from within the company.

RV Kanee Pandaw

Pandaw are delighted to announce the construction of a new fourteen cabin K-class ship for Burma, now renamed Myanmar.

RV Katha Pandaw

This was a radical new design, based on the old K class used in Burma from the 1880s on. This ship is the third Katha to run on the Irrawaddy.

RV Kha Byoo Pandaw

This ten cabin K class was completed in 2016 and is currently serving as the Pandaw Academy training ship at Pagan.

RV Kindat Pandaw

The original Kindat was built in 1886 by Yarrows in London and sank in 1920. She was named after a small Upper Chindwin town.

RV Laos Pandaw

Seeing the quality of this ship it is hard to believe it was built in a hurry. There are no proper ship yards above the Khone Falls and we could not persuade our Vietnamese builders to assemble a ship trucked in in bits on the river bank.

RV Mekong Pandaw

Built in Rangoon in 2002 she was sailed round to Saigon under her own power and many a drama described in Paul Strachan's Pandaw Story. This ship was designed specially for the Mekong and unlike our other P class ships does not have a flying bridge. The reason was so she could get under a road bridge. She did actually scrape under on her maiden but it was so scary that Paul Strachan, then standing on the bridge, never dared attempt it again. As a result, we ended up with this incredible 750 square meter teak deck that even has a full size billiard table.

RV Orient Pandaw

The first ship we built in Vietnam in 2008, the OP has seen service in five countries now - Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysian Borneo and now Burma. Where next?

RV Pandaw II

<p>Pandaw II was our first ever new build back in 2001. Though our oldest ship she is still young in river terms - her prototype the old Pandaw is now over sixty years old and many ships in this fresh water environment are at least 100 years old</p>

RV Sabaidee Pandaw

The RV Sabaidee is our seventeenth ship to the Pandaw Flotilla which was constructed to meet demand on our very popular Laos to China route across Yunnan.

RV Tonle Pandaw

Modelled on Pandaw II and originally called Pandaw III, the Tonle saw a year's service in Burma in 2002/3 before being sent under tug-tow to the Mekong where she has done continuous service between Saigon and Kampong Cham ever since.

RV Tonle Pandaw

<p>Modelled on Pandaw II and originally called Pandaw III, the Tonle saw a year's service in Burma in 2002/3 before being sent under tug-tow to the Mekong where she has done continuous service between Saigon and Kampong Cham ever since.</p>

RV Zawgyi Pandaw

We acquired this Z craft in 2008 and fitted her out as a floating clinic as part of the Cyclone Nargis relief effort.



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