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There is no shortage of spectacular rives in Europe. Everywhere you go throughout the continent, you will find a river winding its way amongst cities, towns and the countryside. Some cities, such as Venice, are even built on them. This makes Europe a perfect destination for a river cruise.

Germany’s Rhine twists and turns for 1,233 km and meets the borders of both France and Switzerland at several points as it meanders through the country. It is also a refreshing trip with excellent views of the German countryside. If you are looking for a more energising cruise, the Seine forges a route from the North Sea, through rural France, and bisects Paris, showcasing historic points of interest and scenery that has inspired many famous artists.

With so many rivers in Europe, it’s hard to choose just one. If you just cannot decide,the Danube might be perfect for you. It flows through 10 European countries for 2,850 km, including Austria, Bulgaria and Hungary. No matter where you go, you will find yourself immersed in rich history and the incredible culture of Europe. You will be inspired and, with stunning scenery the whole way, there will be plenty of photo opportunities.

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