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Ganges River Cruises

The River Ganges is the holy river of Hinduism- it is incredibly sacred to those practicing this faith. Another name for the river- ‘Ganga’- is the name of the daughter of the god of the mountains, Himavan. Many come to the river to bathe in it to wash away their sins, drink from it for encouragement, or have their ashes scattered there. It is sacred to Hindus allover the world.

The Ganges River is also extremely important for the hundreds of millions of people living along its banks. At 1,500 miles long,there is space for many to make their homes there. It provides fertile land and irrigation for people to grow crops, from rice to potatoes, providing food fora large part of India. It is also home to the Ganges river dolphin, one of only five freshwater dolphin species in the world. Currently, 3000 remain in the river.

Our cruises include stops at Bhagalpur, Patna, Monghyr, and the holy Hindu city of Varanasi. This area is home to intricate monasteries, intriguing rock carvings, unbelievable views, and many Hindu Monks. There is nowhere better to immerse yourself in the rich and deep history and culture of India.


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