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Irrawaddy River Cruises

Also known at the Ayeyarwady River, the Irrawaddy River is home to sacred sites and villages untouched by the modern world.

You can visit sacred temples, such as the Thantkyi Pagoda in the mountains or the Ananda temple at Bagan- one of the holiest sites in the entire region. You will be amazed by the breath-taking architecture all around you. Then, head underground to discover the cave temple of Gubyaukgyi, which contains the frescoes of Buddha, to discover the rich history of Myanmar.

The Irrawaddy is the largest river in the country and has been used for trade and transport from as early as the 6th century. Even now, people along its banks rely on the Irrawaddy, whether it be to sell goods on the river market or catching fish with the help of the Irrawaddy River dolphins. Along the banks you will find shrines devoted to important figures in Myanmar’s history. Stop and take a moment to admire them. Our cruises will also take you into the city of Mandalay, a perfect blend of modern and traditional and an important symbol of identity for the people of Myanmar.

Surrounded by natural beauty, you will be able to escape for a relaxing experience and learn about a whole new way of life on an Irrawaddy River cruise.

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